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Grants Awarded

Grants Awarded to the Pier Bridge Preservation Project 

The Society’s sincere thanks to a local benefactor, who wishes to remain anonymous, for generous support of the grant writing portion of this Project.

In January 2007, Catherine Hogan, Sunapee, New Hampshire was brought on-board as grant writer for the project.  To-date we have been awarded five grants totaling $25,500. The following is a list of the grantors with information about their organizations.  The information listed was found on the organization’s website or from application guidelines.  They are listed in order of receipt.

Mascoma Savings Bank Foundation, Lebanon, NH

This foundation was established in New Hampshire in 1988 by Mascoma Savings Bank.    It is a company-sponsored foundation with offices in Lebanon, New Hampshire.  The foundation supports hospitals and hospices and organizations involved with arts and culture, adult education, the environment, animal welfare, human services, community development, senior citizens, economically disadvantaged people and homeless people.  Their geographic focus is New Hampshire and Vermont.  As of October 1, 2006 the Foundation has granted $1,757,957 to local non-profit organizations.

                                                            Amount Awarded - $1,700

Newport Charitable Fund, Newport NH

The Newport Charitable fund was established in 1976 as an advised fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, a statewide community foundation.  A local advisory committee has primary responsibility for program planning and grantmaking.  Although the Newport Charitable Fund supports all charitable purposes in Sullivan County, the needs of the elderly, women, the sick and low-income families and individuals are priorities.  Grants support a wide range of purposes, including the arts and humanities, education, environment, health and social services, recreation and civic improvements.  Fund advisors look for opportunities where a modest amount of funding can help an organization accomplish a significant result.

                                                            Amount Awarded - $5,000 

David Greenewalt Charitable Trust, Boston MA

This independent foundation was established in 1965 in Massachusetts for the purpose of giving to unique organizations where a small grant can make a large impact.  Their fields of interest include arts, education, health organizations, historic preservation/historical societies with a geographic focus on Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont.

                                                            Amount Awarded - $5,000 National

Railway Historical Society, Philadelphia PA

The National Railway Historical Society has been giving away annual matching grants since 1994 for projects which preserve, research, educate, or publish railway history. Example projects include railroad structure and equipment stabilization, mechanical repairs, preservation and restoration, book publication, cataloging of archival materials, oral and history productions.  The program is open to NRHS Chapters as well as other organizations. The maximum award is $5,000 per year per project.

                                                            Amount Awarded - $3,800


Tourism Cares, Canton MA

Tourism Cares Worldwide Grant Program distributes charitable grants to worthy tourism-related non-profit organizations worldwide for capital improvements or programs as outlined below. 

Primary consideration is to fund projects and programs, whose goal is:
  • capital improvements that serve to protect, restore, or conserve sites of exceptional cultural, historic, or natural significance, or
  • the education of local host communities and the traveling public about conservation and preservation of sites of exceptional cultural, historical, or natural significance.

Preference is given to organizations with projects or programs that

  • allow our grant funding to be leveraged to provide increased philanthropic support, through vehicles such as matching grants or challenge grants that have already been secured from an external source,
  • are endorsed by local, regional, or national tourism office,
  • demonstrate strong support from and involvement of the local community.

For additional information about Tourism Cares and its programs, please visit their website at

                                                            Amount Awarded - $10,000

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